As a LIVE MACHTV Reseller, you are in control of your own hours and own money! Learn why we offer the best reseller program in the industry!

Sell to family, friends, neighbors and anyone else! You control how much money you will earn! What’s even cooler is that every customer must renew service EVERY MONTH, creating RESIDUAL INCOME!

You are not an employee so you may work whenever you please. Spend just a couple of hours a week or make this your primary means of income– it’s your choice!

The LIVE MachTV Reseller Program is best because we want you to succeed and offer real tools accordingly. For example, we offer website design assistance and Reseller Portal / Resource Center.

I can’t believe I made $700 my first

week! I submitted my two-week

notice yesterday. I’m never working

for anyone again!
Mike R. | Top Reseller, Oct 2016

Register With Us

The very first step to becoming a LIVE MACHTV Reseller is to obtain your dealer’s license. This is a one-time registration process that grants you access to our resources, which includes our support team, Reseller Portal and discounted services.


Once you are licensed, we will offer comprehensive training so that you know how to sell the LIVE MACHTV and Radiosity services to anyone, even those who already use the service. Optionally, you may also offer our uniquely branded LEO™ device. We will offer tips and support from other Resellers on how to maximize your market to make the most money!

Start Selling!

Believe it or not, that’s it! After you register and train, you may begin pre-purchasing credits and selling subscriptions to anyone you want to gain near-instant profit! You may sell to an unlimited number of people and manage every customer via the Reseller Portal!



(The only thing holding you back is you!)

Online registration is available and approval typically

takes less than a day. Start working for yourself and

build your wealth today.